Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

the perfect medium. I always say I want to live a life that is defined by 'the perfect medium'.... not too much, not too little. The perfect medium is applied to all aspects of life. Not too rich, not too poor, somewhere comfortably in between.  Not too busy, not too idle.  Not too loud, not too quiet... etc etc. In regards to this post however, the perfect medium refers to superb mix of metropolitan  life, with rustic rural life within nearly every European city. Coming from a city (New York) where pollution seeps up through the street, grey gloomy cement make up the city's facade, taxis, buses, and emergency sirens nosily fill the atmosphere, European cities really find the perfect way of combining urban life and rural life into a perfect 'medium' ground. Winding stone streets with hidden doorways can lead you to markets full of fresh produce, spices, breads, meats... there is something so much more appealing about this than a carton of greasy Chinese food.