Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

The world is such a unique and diverse places. I have a profound interest in various parts of the world. To experience and see these places would be absolutely mind blowing.  I cannot and will never be able to understand how people go their entire lives living within the town they were born, never traveling outside of that proximity of that area and be content with it. I say that I am going to live a series of different lives within my own life... a nomadic, gypsy lifestyle, I'm going to live all over the world and go where ever the wind takes me.

Montag, 28. Juni 2010

 Burberry, Rosie. Can you get any bettter?

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010


Freitag, 25. Juni 2010

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

I am a sucker for 'greaser' styles... leather jackets, boots, white tee and a cigarette or two...  yum!

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

June and July are never exciting shopping months... its the leftovers hanging sloppily with various markdown prices pinned on them. The pretty stores you love to shop in our now bleak, empty and untidy. Quite a depressing scene if you ask me...  To keep oneself from sinking into a further shopping 'depression' just take a look at the following pictures. Your brain will be tingling with excitement for the upcoming season, the best season, AUTUMN! You will forget about all those sorry looking stores and be consumed with planning your new essentials for the upcoming months... once you're ready to shop, our favorite shops will be restocked, teaming with new merchandise and be beautiful once again. 

Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Make Me Brigitte Bardot.
Assembly Line

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

I really loved the styling in this movie. Its certainly a "grunge" look.. But I loved it.. The worn in, beat up, dingy clothes... the sunglasses, lace up boots  and of course Mila's hair!