Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

I've never been one for goodbyes... This site allowed me dream, travel and live through beautiful pictures... this served as a great form of self discovery. I have reached a point were I no longer need to live through pictures, I can make them a reality. I am starting a journey of a life time... looking in no direction except ahead... 

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Anna Maria Jagodzinska has been a favorite of mine for years. She is just such a stunning beauty.

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

I havent posted many editorials of Freja... its not that I have anything against her per say...  I have something against that god awful haircut shes been sporting for the past few seasons. That shaggy dead animal on top of her head just does her no good in anyway. She looked stunning with the long hair, blunt bangs, also the cropped cut looked divine on her... the growing out process hasnt been pretty... until, well now.. I love the retro styling in regards to both the hair and clothing.
"Americans smile too much"

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Mad about you
Looking back to seasons past... A/W 2008 by Michael Kors. The look I covet the most.  A style I would define as "1960s fucked up librarian"  which I love and aspire to pull off daily.

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Sparkle and Fade

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

I finally sat down to watch the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" it was a magical movie. It was incredibly long but what you walk away with from it is remarkable. Also, Cate Blanchett is just breathtaking... you can't take your eyes off her. The movie was done beautifully. 

Montag, 19. Juli 2010

oohlala... Net-a-porter is straight up my alley this week!

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

grey scale
Each summer I like to "reinvent" myself for the fall and the up coming year (year meaning school year)... the summer is when one is laid back... putting on your face or styling your hair everyday fall by the wayside.. that being said my love for make up, beauty products, hair styles etc. never does. I spend my summers thinking about a 'fresh' way to start off the year...  I love change but I like subtle change... I am not chopping my hair  off nor am I going to start wearing colored eye shadows..  I have decided that I am going to dye my hair a coppery reddish brown (see above).