Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

Society shapes who you are. Its the truth... as much as we resent it, its fact. I was thinking about that today, depending on were you live, your surroundings have a certain amount of influence over your style...   New York is known for having to, always, be the newest, greatest, hottest thing out there. Its easy to get caught in that mentality...  I questioned myself... and the things I buy... If I lived in Argentina on a rural farm, I wouldnt  give a damn about what designer made my hand bag.. I think labels have sort of brain washed me.. become my addiction.. I spend senseless amounts of money on the most outrageous things... because well "one day I may have a spectacular occasion to attend and this dress would be perfect!" My cure for this shopaholism... is to ask my self "If I live in a place were no one knew what brand, or how much money something costs, would I still want this purchase?" Really buy what I want, not what multitudes of fashion magazines are trying to convince me to want.